ProudDAF Lionel Bozian

Lionel Bozian

Managing director DAF Trucks Paris


‘Great to start from scratch’

Lionel Bozian joined DAF Trucks already back in 2007 and has had a great career at DAF Trucks France. “I love pioneering. My dream came true when I got the opportunity to start-up and manage two company-owned, state-of-the-art dealerships in the Paris region.”

“Yes, you can call me a busy man. Establishing two dealerships from scratch is quite a challenge. But a fantastic one. It is about making appointments with local authorities, guiding the construction company, ordering the most modern equipment and not in the last place: hiring the best people. After we opened a new dealership in Massy, south of Paris, back in 2017, we have now officially commissioned a 3,400 m2 facility in Louvres, north of the French capital. Isn’t it a jewel?”

The aim of Lionel and team is clear: offering the best possible service to the customers and supporting the growth of DAF in France. “Most of them are from the Paris region but don’t forget many international hauliers which are passing us on their routes throughout Europe. I invite everyone to come and see us in Massy or in Louvres. Whether I’m proud? I think that is an understatement!”

Lionel Bozian,
managing director DAF Trucks Paris


ProudDAF Lionel Bozian